OE Xenon HID Bulbs


Upgrade with LUMENS HPL Factory OE Replacement / Upgrade Xenon HID Bulbs

LUMENS HPL offers OE (aka factory style, original manufacturers equipment, stock) replacement Xenon HID bulbs. These bulb types include: D1S, D1R, D2S, D2R, D3S, D3R, D4S, D4R, D5S, and D8S. There are many advantages of choosing Lumens HPL over the competition. We take extra care in the quality of workmanship and components that go into our products. At the same time, we realize that prices need to be reasonable and affordable to the consumer. Electrically and physically, these bulbs are built to the original specifications of the original bulbs. The only difference you will find is the color and type of light output from the bulb (should you decide to stray away from OE colors). The bulbs determines the color of light produced; the ballast only produces power for the bulb and does not influence the color output.


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D1S and D3S Xenon HID bulbs:

Aside from being just a bulb, these bulbs are easily distinguished by the metal box attached to the actual glass bulb itself. The metal box is an 'igniter' which is generally built as a seperate piece in D2 and D4 systems. These bulb types are much more expensive than its D2 / D4 counterparts for this reason. There are 2 main differences between D1 and D3 bulbs. First is the voltage required to operate the bulb: D1 bulbs operate at 85V while D3 bulbs operate at 42V. Secondly, D3 bulbs are newer more environmentally friendly versions of D1 bulbs; D3 bulbs are mercury free. Because of these differences, D1 and D3 bulbs cannot be interchanged UNLESS their ballasts are replaced with the corresponding bulbs (you cannot mix components from 2 systems together).

D2 and D4 bulbs:

D2 bulbs are currently the most commonly found HID bulb used by manufacturers. Unlike the D1 and D3 bulbs, these bulbs do not have ignitors built on the bulb itself. The same differences between D1 and D3 bulbs are true for these bulbs. First is the voltage required to operate the bulb: D2 bulbs operate at 85V while D4 bulbs operate at 42V. Secondly, D4 bulbs are newer more environmentally friendly versions of D2 bulbs; D4 bulbs are mercury free.Because of these differences, D2 and D4 bulbs cannot be interchanged UNLESS their ballasts AND IGNITORS are replaced with the corresponding bulbs to create a full D2 OR D4 system (you cannot mix components from 2 systems together).


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LUMENS HPL OE Xenon HID - S, R, C Type Base

Color Temperatures (K - Kelvins)

There is a general misconception that a higher K rating provides more light than a lower K rating with Xenon HID lights. The brightest light is actually at a pure white light without any additional colors. With Lumens HPL Xenon HIDs, you would see pure white at 6000K. OE manufacturers choose a light at 4300K rather than 6000K. 4300K has a slight yellowish color (like the color halogen bulbs have). This is not the brightest color band for a clear night; 6000K would provide more visibility in this case. Unfortunately, pure white light does have its downfalls. Because of its intensity, white light (6000K) also refracts back at the driver the most when there are particles in the air (ie. rain, snow, and fog). A less refractive light would be more useful in these conditions; we find yellow (3000K) to be the most effective in these situations. For OE manufacturers, they try to give the medium which would be between the white and the yellow for overall driving conditions.

For Xenon lighting on vehicles for daily driving (especially vehicles with projectors), we recommend the colors between 4300K - 6000K. Any colors below or above this range will result in loss of light (amount of light lost will vary depending on the housing / projector). In our OE replacement Xenon bulbs, we offer them in 4300K (same halogen), 6000K (pure white), and 8000K (hint of blue).

LUMENS HPL OE Xenon to LED Conversion Bulbs

Looking to convert from factory Xenon HIDs to LEDs? LUMENS HPL offers 2 different types of LED bulbs for this purpose:

Type 1 - Bypass Ballast

    • Recommended for repairing Factory Xenon HID systems (usually vehicles over 5 years, when they're out of warranty)
    • 1 LED bulb replaces the whole HID system on that side (ie. 1 x LED bulb replaces: 1 x ballast, 1 x ignitor, and 1 x Xenon bulb)
    • Simplifies troubleshooting whether the bulb, ballast, and or igniter is the culprit
    • Reduces repair costs, as a single LED bulb will be less expensive than replacing a ballast
    • Reduces the risk of additional failures caused by aged electrical systems (weak factory grounds, oxidized / corroded wiring, reduced current from source, etc)
    • Requires cutting and splicing into factory wires (with the exception of D5S bulb types, as those Xenon systems do not use ballasts)

Type 2 - Requires Ballast

    • Recommended for converting to LEDs without the need to cut and splice any wires (usually on newer vehicles under 5 years old, still under warranty)
    • Same size as original HID bulb
    • Simple installation process: remove existing Xenon HID bulb and replace with LED bulb
    • Offers high tolerance to electrical fluctuations caused by aged ballasts compared with original glass Xenon HID bulbs
    • Requires functioning ballast and ignitor (if applicable)

D5S LED bulbs:

D5S bulbs were introduced recently. Unlike other factory Xenon HID bulbs, these bulbs do not have / require a ballast. D5S bulbs do not require AC power to ignite and burn the gases inside. As a result, D5S bulbs produce substantially less light than D1, D2, D3, and D4 type HID bulbs. The D5S Xenon HID technology is simpler in design from conventional Xenon HID systems, and can powered up by directly applying 12V to the bulb. Unfortunately, the biggest complaint about this bulb is that it's not very bright. Luckily, LUMENS HPL has developed an LED solution for this! Don't just replace your existing D5S with another dim OE D5S HID bulb, upgrade it to our D5S LED replacement bulb at a fraction of the cost AND increase the light output at the same time!


Original Xenon HID Bulb Type to LED Bulb Cross Reference

Original Bulb Type Type 1 - Bypass Ballast Type 2 - Requires Ballast

D1S / D1R

D2S / D2R

D3S / D3R

D4S / D4R


* DCV input - bulb does not use a ballast


Do you need to replace the Factory OE Ballast?

Most consumers are mislead to believe that only the Xenon Bulb will fail in their HID system at the OE Factory level. Unfortunately, this is not true. The original ballast in the Xenon HID system will also fail with time. On most vehicles, we find that the original ballast should be replaced around the same time that the 2nd pair of replacement bulbs are purchased. When it's time to replace your original ballast, be sure to check out the OE replacement ballasts offered by LUMENS HPL.