Xenon HID Conversions

LUMENS HPL Xenon HID Conversions

What are Xenon HID Conversions?

HID is an acronym for High Intensity Discharge. HID conversion kits refer to a combination of bulbs, ballasts, and sometimes wire harnesses that will convert vehicles operating with regular halogen bulbs to HID Xenon Lighting technology. This technology has been used for many years in higher end vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc. Standard halogen bulbs 'burn' a filament inside the bulb to produce light. The bigger the 'burn', the more light you get. Unfortunately, this also produces more heat & draws more power. Lumens HPL HID conversion kits uses the latest Xenon lighting technology to produce substantially more light efficiently. Our conversion kits draw less power (only 35W) yet produce 3 times more light than a standard halogen bulb. The Xenon HID market is divided into 2 general groups: 1) those looking for cosmetic upgrades for their vehicles and 2) those who have difficulties seeing at night while driving.

LUMENS HPL Xenon HID Conversion
LUMENS HPL Xenon HID Conversion - Bulb

How does it work?

The ballasts included in a Lumens HPL HID conversion kit converts the 12V DC with only 35W draw (approximately 20W less than your halogen bulb) from your vehicle's light bulb plug to approximately 23,000V AC. This power is then used to create an arc of electricity in the specially designed Lumens HPL Xenon bulbs. This arc of electricity ignites the Xenon gas in the bulb, and in turn creates an intense light source similar to that of the Sun. Because the light is created by an arc of electricity, and not from 'burning' a filament, the heat created by the light is substantially less than that of a standard halogen bulb.

Xenon HID vs Halogens

Halogen Super White Lumens HPL Xenon HID
LUMENS HPL Xenon HID Conversion - Halogen, Super White, Xenon HID
LUMENS HPL Xenon HID Conversion - Halogen, Super White, Xenon HID

Glass Type



UV-Cut Quartz

Light Output (in Lumens)

as low as 750

can be lower than 750

up to 3200 (over 3 times brighter!)

Power Consumption (Low Beam)


55W - 100W


Expected Lifespan

350 hours

30 - 150 hours

3000 hours

Heat Generated



60% (almost 1/2 the heat)


Unlike the competition, Lumens HPL uses brand name components in all our conversion kit bulbs. These components ensure longer life and better stability in color in all our bulbs. Many companies choose to go with the less expensive generic bulbs. These generic bulbs tend to leak the Xenon gases out of the bulb and therefore shortens the life of these types of bulbs.

LUMENS HPL Xenon HID Ballasts

Lumens HPL offers many different types of ballasts. All of the ballasts incorporate digital technology, converts DC voltage input to AC voltage output, and are rubber injected.

LUMENS HPL Xenon HID Install Parts

Additional parts outside of the ballast and bulbs are needed on some vehicles to overcome physical & electrical issues that not all vehicles require. For that reason, these parts are not included with any of the kits. Our bulb holders will help adapt H7 & H1 HID bulbs to replicate any bulb holders / retainers used to keep the halogen bulb in place on some vehicles. Electrical parts wil help to overcome daytime running light issues, light out warning indicators, and flashing or flickering issues.

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