Next generation LED lights provide comparable light output to Xenon HID Conversions without the glare. More than twice the brightness of halogens. Recommended for projector headlights with dust caps.

Instantly on to full brightness without any warm up times.

Plug n' Play design minimizes the need for harnesses & larger resistors to be used during installs.

Mini fan is used to cool LED chips, without compromising fitment.

Does not produce radio noise.

Optional harnesses and resistors are available for extremely sensitive vehicles.

Identifying Projector vs Reflector Headlights

A projector headlight has a glass dome lens in it that provides even light distribution. The bulb inside / behind the glass dome is not visible. For best results in projector headlights, we recommend using our Sportline LEDs.

A reflector housing has a mirrored backing that distributes the light from the light bulb. It may have a shroud inside that covers the tip of the bulb. The bulb inside should be visible. For best results in reflector headlights, we recommend using our ULTRA LEDs.


The alignment of LEDs replicate that of a halogen bulb to achieve optimal focal light pattern in a Projector headlight housing.

Cooled by a mini fan. Reduces fitment issues.   Many larger heatsink / fan bulbs will not fit into the vehicle.

Adjustable / clockable base to fine tune the light pattern.

Direct comparison with halogen bulb size

1. Overall distance from base of bulb to outer edge of bulb is the similar to the halogen counterparts (particulary on 9005, 9006, H11 bulb types that may not have extra room behind them for installs)

2. Diameter of the bulb head is the same or smaller than it's halogen counterpart to ensure it will fit into the housing (particularly on H3, H1, and 800 bulb applications)

3. Length of bulb head is similar to the glass length on a halogen bulb to avoid situations where the bulb is too long to fit in the housing.


• LED Qty: 6 pc on single beam
• LED Power: 35W per bulb
• Current: 2.8 ± 0.2A
• Voltage: 6 - 16V
• Raw Light Output: up to 4000lm / 5600lx
• Working Temp: -40°C ~ +80°C
• Body Material: Aluminum
• Colour Temperature: 6000K Pure White


• 1 x LED Bulb
• 1 x LED Driver

LUMENS HPL Sportline LED Specifications

How to Fine Tune Light Pattern

1. Push down on the collar / base of the bulb.

2. Turn the bulb inside the collar / base while pushing down.

To Remove the Collar / Base

3. Continue on turn the bulb inside the collar / base until the teeth on the bulb aligns with the holes in the collar / base.

4. Once the teeth on the bulb is aligned with the hole on the collar / base, slide the collar / base off the bulb.

For best focal beam pattern

5. Adjust the bulb in the collar so that the LED chips are firing sideways.


This is a plug and play accessory that is sold separately. This device is used to:

• Turn off 'light out' warning indicators
• Complete a series wiring circuit
• Stop LEDs from flickering or turning on and off, due to the vehicle's computer thinking a light bulb is missing
• Other CANBUS related issues caused from converting halogens to ULTRA LEDs

*** Will not increase voltage or current for daytime running lights under 6V

V1 - Recommended For

• Ford / Lincoln
• Hyundai
• Kia

V2 - Recommended for:

• Audi
• Chrysler
• Dodge

• Jeep
• Mercedes Benz
• Mini

• Porsche
• Volkswagon
• Volvo

LUMENS HPL Sportline LED Other Special Parts

Other Special Parts

Some vehicles may require special parts including:

• Bulb Holders (affects H7 & H1 bulbs)

• Harnesses (for daytime running light circuits under 6V)

• Resistors (for use with harnesses)

Rubber Dust Cover Seal

Although our LED bulbs are designed to fit into headlight housings with dust covers, we still offer universal round rubber dust covers that adds extra depth beyond the factory dust cap.

Available in different diameters (100mm, 95mm, 83mm, 75mm, 55mm)

LUMENS HPL Dust Covers

Available Bulb Types and Cross References

Bulb Type Item Number





Bulb Type Item Number





Bulb Type Item Number