Limitations and Requirements to Warranties:

Please note: Warranty Policies stated reflect sales transactions made through the www.LUMENSHPL.com website only. These policies do not reflect LUMENS High Performance Lighting products purchased through other retailers, wholesale, jobber or sources; please refer to warranty policies stated through the vendor you've purchased items from, if not purchased from this website.

1. Physical damage, labor and shipping are not covered under any warranties.

2. Length of warranty is as stated by product descriptions. If not stated, then one can assume 'no warranty' on the product.

3. Original receipt is required for warranty replacement or repair.

4. Accident, abuse, neglect, modifications, improper installation, and products not used for its intended purpose voids any warranties.

5. Discontinued products sent in for warranty will be replaced with product equal or lesser value within LUMENS HPL's discretion.

6. Warranties are limited to replacing defective parts without charge only. Any additional costs (including labour) are the customer's responsibility.

7. In no event shall the company be held responsible for any consequential or special damages - including but not limited to lamp housing, wiring harnesses, relays, etc.

Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.