Our Company

Our Company

LUMENS High Performance Lighting strives to be the leading manufacturer of high quality lighting upgrades for vehicles at a reasonable cost to consumers. At LUMENS High Performance Lighting, we put our customers first. Our markets are divided into 2 groups:

1. a younger group looking to enhance the look of their rides

2. an older group needing the best possible light to enhance their visibility on the road at night

As a manufacturer, LUMENS High Performance Lighting promises to provide exceptional quality to its consumers. LUMENS HPL will work as a team with its distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to provide the best service and support possible to the end user. With the knowledge and experience from LUMENS HPL's staff, the support and service provided by our company is second to none.

Located in Canada, we understand the needs for durability and resistance against the cold harsh winters of the north. Many products produced for warmer climate areas (ie. Florida, California, etc) fail in a few days during our harsh winter weather. With the high quality products we produce, our products can withstand the harsh weather of the north, and would be over engineered for warmer climate areas.