Interior LED Panels

LUMENS HPL Interior Upgrade Panels and Boards

At LUMENS HPL, we offer LED Panels to provide brighter and cleaner color lighting for vehicle interiors. Most common uses for these panels are generally for courtesy dome lights, but realistically, they can be used to replace other bulbs including trunk lights, licence plate lights, door lights, etc. Three of the most common bulb adapters are included for most common uses(see bottom of page) to make these boards plug and play, without the need for cutting any wires. For those with RVs, we also have 1156 adapters (sold seperately).   Available colors include: White, Blue, Red, Green, and Pink.

LS8W LED Panel above Licence

LS20B LED Panel in Dome Light

LS16B LED Panel In Door Light

LS20W LED Panel in Dome Light

Before and After Pictures of LED Panel Upgrade in a 2006 Mazda 3 trunk

Regular bulb in Trunk

Trunk with upgraded LS36W

Lumens HPL LED Panel Standard Bulb Adapters

Each panel comes with adapters to fit the most common interior bulb sockets: B9As, T10 (194), Festoon styles (10mm x 30mm, 10mm x 38mm, and 10mm x 44mm). With these adapters, installation does not require cutting or modifying wires, keeping installation easy and simple. Each board comes with a 2 sided adhesive tape to secure the board in place.

Optionally, 1156 adapters are available for those that are looking to replace incandescent bulbs in RVs. The advantage to this is minimal draw on power, while achieving bright light!

5050SMD LED Panel Boards

Product Code Total LEDs LED Configuration Physical Measurements



2 x 4

15mm x 30mm



4 x 4

30mm x 30mm



4 x 5

30mm x 36mm



6 x 6

45mm x 45mm



6 x 8

45mm x 60mm