ULTRA LED Headlight Accessories by LUMENS High Performance Lighting

LED Headlight Accessories by LUMENS High Performance Lighting

We have a full line of accessories to solve various electrical issues with converting vehicles from halogen to LED technology. Issues generally arise from bulbs that were originally DRL (daytime running lights), vehicles with light out warning indicators, older vehicles with oxidized wires, and some newer high end vehicles with unexplainable issues. Because most vehicles don't require these accessories, we do not include them in our conversion kits. If unsure about which harness to use, contact us and we'll walk you through it!

Bulb adapters, like electrical accessories, aren't required by most vehicles (that's why it's not included with the kits). If your vehicle requires special bulb adapters, you should be able to find it here to perform a LED bulb conversion. If unsure, please contact us for more information. Cutting the original factory socket isn't recommended. Using epoxy, glue, silicone, or any other adhesive is not recommended to hold the bulb in place (and voids all warranties).

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