ATOM LEDs offer more than twice the brightness of halogen bulbs using the latest LED technology. Physically they are virtually the same size as the original bulb without any external driver boxes to mount, as the drivers are integrated inside the bulb. This simplifies the installation process and reduces any fitment issues during installation.

Our specially engineered aluminum body provides adequate cooling for the LED chips. Without the use of a fan or any moving parts to cool the bulb, there is reduced risk of failure due to dirt, water, ice etc. Integrated thermal protection circuitry is built in as an additional precaution to prevent overheating the LED chips. EMC circuitry is incorporated to prevent radio noise. Dual polarity circuitry offers convenience during installation so that knowing which wire is negative and positive is irrelevant.

ATOM LED bulbs can be used in both projector and reflector light assemblies, and can be clocked to fine tune the LED beam pattern.

3x the brightness of halogen

Projector headlight compatible

Internal Driver: All-in-1 Design

Clockable to tune focal pattern

Fanless Cooling

DRL compatible from 6V DC

Thermal Protection Circuitry

Each ATOM LED bulb has integrated thermal protection that protects the LED chips from overheating. Keeping the LEDs from its maximum operating temperature will pro long the life of the bulb. As the LEDs approach its maximum operating temperature, the circuitry will reduce the power being pushed to the chips.

Bulb Cross References

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Bulb Item



5202 USA

5202 JAP



Bulb Item






Bulb Item






Bulb Item






Available In

ATOM LED Bulb - 2504
ATOM LED Bulb - 5202
ATOM LED Bulb - 9005 / H10
ATOM LED Bulb - 9006
ATOM LED Bulb - 9012
ATOM LED Bulb - H7
ATOM LED Bulb - H11/ H8 / H9

Bulb Size Comparison

1. Overall distance from base of bulb to outer edge of bulb is similar to halogen counterparts. This is important as some headlight assemblies may not have additional space behind the bulb for oversized fans and heat sinks.

2. Diameter of the bulb head is the same or smaller than its halogen counterpart to ensure it will fit into the headlight housing (particularly on H3, H1, and 800 bulb applications)

3. The length of the bulb head is similar to the glass length on a halogen bulb, avoiding situations where the bulb is too long to fit in the housing.

How to Fine Tune Light Pattern

1. Push down on the collar / base of the bulb.

2. Turn the bulb inside the collar / base while pushing down.

To remove the collar, continue turning the bulb inside the collar / base until the teeth on the bulb aligns with the holes in the collar / base. Once aligned, you can slide the collar / base off the bulb.

For best focal beam pattern, adjust the bulb in the collar so that the LED chips are firing sideways.

Additional Accessories May Be Required


This is a plug and play accessory that is sold separately. This device is used to:

• Turn off 'light out' warning indicators
• Complete a series wiring circuit
• Stop LEDs from flickering or turning on and off, due to the vehicle's computer thinking a light bulb is missing
• Other CANBUS related issues caused from converting halogens to ULTRA LEDs

*** Will not increase voltage or current for daytime running lights under 6V

V1 - Recommended For

• Ford / Lincoln
• Hyundai
• Kia

V2 - Recommended for:

• Audi
• Chrysler
• Dodge

• Jeep
• Mercedes Benz
• Mini

• Porsche
• Volkswagon
• Volvo

Other Special Parts

Some vehicles may require special parts including:

• Bulb Holders (affects H7 & H1 bulbs)

• Harnesses (for daytime running light circuits under 6V)

• Resistors (for use with harnesses)

Rubber Dust Cover Seal

Although our LED bulbs are designed to fit into headlight housings with dust covers, we still offer universal round rubber dust covers that adds extra depth beyond the factory dust cap.

Available in different diameters (100mm, 95mm, 83mm, 75mm, 55mm)