LED Sealed Beam 4 x 6" by LUMENS HPL
LED Sealed Beam 4 x 6" by LUMENS HPL
SLD46R - In_Package by LUMENS High Performance Lighting (HPL)

LED Sealed Beam 4 x 6" by LUMENS HPL


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**Note: If sealed beam unit operates as a daytime running light (DRL), an additional harness will be required: SLDHH4

These LED sealed beam units provides substantially greater light output compared to traditional sealed beam units. Great for off-road industrial use. More economical than the DOT LED sealed beams, yet still offers a great driving beam pattern for low and high beams.


  • Replaces 4" x 6" Sealed Beam Headlamps
  • More than 3 times brighter than original sealed beam lights!
  • Retains true low and high beam patterns
  • Reflector Lens designed to work with LED chips to increase light output, and maintain proper focal patterns, without overly altering the conventional sealed beam look
  • Hard Coated Poly Carbonate Lens for increased durability
  • Rugged Die-cast Aluminum Body
  • Reduced radio interference with EMC circuitry

Bulb Cross References:

  • H4651
  • H4652
  • H4656
  • H4662
  • H4666
  • H4668
  • H4701
  • H4703
  • H6545


  • Body Construction Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Lens Material: Polycarbonate
  • Input Voltage (Max): 32 V
  • Input Voltage (Min): 9 V
  • Color Temperature: 6000 K
  • High Beam Raw Light Output: 2400 lm
  • Low Beam Raw Light Output: 2000 lm
  • High Beam Power: 24 W
  • Low Beam Power: 20 W
  • Total Power: 24 W
  • E-Mark Approved: YES
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • EMC (Reduction in radio noise): YES
  • RoHS Compliant: YES
  • Warranty: 1 Yrs