FD06D2 - Primary by LUMENS High Performance Lighting (HPL)
FD06D2 - Out_of_package by LUMENS High Performance Lighting (HPL)

D2S / D2R LED Bulb - Type 2 - Requires Ballast - 6000K (each) by LUMENS HPL


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**Note: This item is sold individually (each) for vehicles that only require 1 piece (motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc). Should you need a pair, be sure to change the QTY at checkout to 2.



  • Converts D2S / D2R Factory HID Xenon systems to LED technology
  • Plug n Play factory HID Xenon bulb conversion to LED without cutting or splicing wires (requires original Xenon ballast to be functioning properly)
  • Same size as original D2S / D2R Xenon bulb
  • Because of the frequency difference in LEDs vs HIDs, HID lighting provides maximum distance output, but LEDs may be brighter.


  • Body Construction Material: Aluminum 6030
  • Input Voltage AC (Max): 90 V
  • Input Voltage AC (Min): 76 V
  • LED Chip Model: 3570 CSP
  • Total Raw Light Output: 4000 lm
  • Total Power: 35 W
  • IP Rating: IPX6
  • EMC (Reduction in radio noise): YES