D5S 12V LED Bulb 6000K (each) by LUMENS HPL
F06D5V2 - Front by LUMENS High Performance Lighting (HPL)

D5S 12V LED Bulb 6000K (each) by LUMENS HPL


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**Note: This item is sold individually (each) for vehicles that only require 1 piece (motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc). Should you need a pair, be sure to change the QTY at checkout to 2.

D5S bulbs were introduced in recent years. Unlike other factory Xenon HID bulbs, these bulbs do not require ballasts. D5S bulbs do not require AC power to ignite and burn the gases inside via an external ballast. As a result, D5S bulbs produce substantially less light than D1, D2, D3, and D4 type HID bulbs. The D5S Xenon HID technology is simpler in design from conventional Xenon HID systems, and can powered up by directly applying 12V to the bulb. Unfortunately, the biggest complaint about this bulb is that it's not very bright. LUMENS HPL has developed an LED solution to improve the light output for this application. Don't just replace your existing D5S with another dim OE D5S HID bulb. Upgrade to our D5S LED replacement bulb at a fraction of the cost AND increase the light output at the same time!


  • Replaces & Upgrades light output on D5S Factory HID Xenon bulbs
  • Simply remove original D5S HID bulb, and replace with this D5S LED bulb (Plug n' Play)

Bulb Cross References:

  • D5S


  • Body Construction Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Input Voltage (Max): 17 V
  • Input Voltage (Min): 9 V
  • Color Temperature: 6000 K
  • Total Raw Light Output: 3200 lm
  • Total Power: 60 W
  • IP Rating: IPX6
  • EMC (Reduction in radio noise): YES