ABG2504W-PR - Primary by LUMENS High Performance Lighting (HPL)
ABG2504W-PR - Measurement1 by LUMENS High Performance Lighting (HPL)
ATOM BUNDLE: AB2504W x 2 set

ATOM BUNDLE: AB2504W x 2 set


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AB2504W X 2 pc

ATOM LEDs offer more than twice the brightness of halogen bulbs using the latest LED technology. Physically they are virtually the same size as the original bulb without any external driver boxes to mount. The installation process is simplified and reduces fitment issues during installation with the drivers integrated inside the bulb. Our specially engineered aluminum body provides adequate cooling for the LED chips. Without using a fan or moving parts to cool the bulb, there is less risk of failure due to dirt, water, ice etc. Integrated thermal protection circuitry provides an additional safety measure to prevent overheating the LED chips. EMC circuitry is incorporated to prevent radio noise. Dual polarity circuitry offers convenience during installation; knowing which wire is negative and positive becomes irrelevant. ATOM LED bulbs can be used in both projector and reflector light assemblies, and can be clocked to fine tune the LED beam pattern.