OE Xenon HID Parts

LUMENS HPL Accessories, Adapters & Parts for Factory OE Xenon HID Systems

Aside from ballasts and bulbs, we also offer some miscellanenous parts to integrate into or out of Factory OE Xenon HID systems. These parts include vehicle side connectors, Factory OE Xenon to aftermarket Xenon HID adapters & converters, etc.

Factory OE Xenon and Aftermarket Xenon HID Conversion Integration

These parts allow you to integrate Factory OE Xenon parts with aftermarket Xenon HID conversion kits.

Factory OE Xenon HID Vehicle Side Connectors

In case your factory side connector for the ballast is faulty or missing entirely, we offer some vehicle side connectors for the OE ballasts. We are consistently adding more vehicle side connectors, so check back often, or email us directly for enquiries.