OE Factory Replacement Ballasts by LUMENS High Performance Lighting

At LUMENS HPL, we offer high quality replacement Xenon HID parts to replace OE / factory / manufacturers original equipment. These parts are offered in equivalent color replacements (usually 4300K), or various color upgrades. At a fraction of the cost from original equipment offered by the dealerships, and with comparable if not better quality, LUMENS HPL offers the best alternatives when replacing or upgrading factory Xenon HID parts.

Currently, the factory Xenon HID market is divided into 4 bulb types (D1, D2, D3, D4) in which they are then divided into 3 other subtypes (S, R, C). The bulb types are not interchangeable. Either the physical connectors are different, or the voltage required is different. D1 and D3 types look physically identical, and D2 and D4 types looks identical. The subtypes differ slightly. S and R bulbs are not interchangeable, but the C (sometimes referred to as 'common') will replace both S and R bulbs. S bulbs are generally found in vehicles with projector housings, while R bulbs are found in the few vehicles with reflector housings. The C type bulbs can physically replace the R type bulbs, but do not have the ceramic shield to limit the light from the bulb.

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